CraigsPoster Pro Features

CraigsPoster Pro is a very powerful piece of software! Our software can repost from 10 different craigslist accounts all at the same time from the same ip address due to its ingenious design. You can repost for accounts anywhere in the world from your own ip address. No proxies or proxy software is required.

CraigsPoster tool does not ruin your PVA’s. It can be configured to use the same ip for the same account every time. It’s very simple to program, you just enter your login details, and set the timers. It will come on when you want it to, work as long as you set it for, post randomly between the limits you set for it. You never need to log into craigslist again.

Your accounts are always open, and always on the same ip you set it to in the beginning. If you want to ad a new ad to the rotation, just bring up that account with one click, and your there. Our software posts when craigslist puts the ads up for renewal (every 48 hours) and eliminates the risk of over posting and penalizing your account! Our system is a fraction of the cost of clad and other similar systems. At an initial cost of over 900$ for clad, plus huge monthly fees, our software cost is less than one percent in fact.

We have no maintenance fees,you buy it it’s yours to keep and our updates are free for 6 months. In any posting tool, you still need to write your own ads, and supply your own PVA’s. Just post to craigslist instead as you usually do, and we renew it from then on. Other software is set up for you to post inside of it instead, and then it will post to craigslist. This makes you dependent on that site’s database, so they can charge you a subscription.

CraigsPoster can be configured to work with all of our other software at the same time on the same machine as well. It was designed with this in mind. You can be auto reposting from all your accounts on different IP’s while your flagging on Firefox. CraigsPoster does not use your browser, it has 10 of it’s own.

16 Great reasons to use our Craigslist Auto Poster:

  • Runs 24 Hours A Day; 7 Days a Week! As Long As It’s Running, It’s Renewing!
  • Designed for use with or without proxies or proxy managers. Repost to 10 accounts, from your home IP without getting ghosted!Matrix gun locker gif
  • CraigsPoster works for you all day and all night, renewing your ads on a schedule you set!
  • Uses Internet Explorer as its Identification, As If You Were Right There Doing It!
  • CraigsPoster automatically logs in and clicks the renewal links for every ad. You can watch it as it works!
  • Slick Master Control panel lets you use It For All Your Accounts at once (max 10)!
  • Always logged in, you can add a new listing to the rotation with a few clicks, Never login again!
  • Set your own variable delay between renewing ads!
  • CraigsPoster software gives you the ability to set a random time intervals between reposting your ads!
  • Our craigslist auto poster is the only one that has options to control which ip each of up to 10 different accounts, 50 ads per account will post from!
  • Nothing new to learn, just install it, add each craigslist account, and set your renewal timers. All the buttons are laid out well and titled clearly. No instructions required, and no complexity or extra steps involved!
  • Does not ruin your PVA’s or get your ads easily flagged or softblocked / ghosted!
  • Manages all your cookies for posting, just pause the robot window, log in, and post from your bot on the correct ip assigned to that account!
  • You can post normally to craigslist from anywhere, just leave the bot running at home, and it will renew any ads that come up!
  • License is for 6 months of free software updates!
  • CraigsPoster works on ANY Windows system newer than XP (vista and up) with no proxy software required.
  • No monthly or maintenance fees.

Craigslist Software Products & Trinity (All-in-one) Bundle

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⚡ Requirements: 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10.