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We have been developing craigslist software and techniques for some time. The difficulty with craigslist software in general is that they keep changing their format in craigslist 101various areas to make it difficult to adapt. They do this so developers have a hard time keeping up with them and are reluctant to make software based on their website. We do keep up with their changes, and update all of our members for free if anything in craigslist changes for 6 full months.

Due to the overwhelming amount of spam that some people try to put on craigslist to make an easy buck, they must enforce strict posting guidelines. This will eliminate much of the truly ignorant mass of people who would abuse the system. It takes a variety of software to make a good picture ad, and usually a very expensive posting program to put it all up there again and again. We have made something that rivals the expensive software, but has a very small price.

Our program relies on craigslist’s own database to keep all of the ads in. We also rely on craigslist’s ad renew feature which has been employed for a couple of years now. This auto ad renew feature was brought in as kind of a truce and incentive by craigslist to post your ads within the guidelines, then easily auto renew them after that. They realized if they didn’t allow for some convenience for the majority of posters, that more of them would resort to desperate measures and buy an expensive subscription to a robot service like clad genius that constantly hammers their servers.

Our software works with craigslist, not against it. We have enhanced the current version to operate up to 10 different accounts, 50 ads per account at once with no proxy required. However, each account can be configured to use its own IP address if such a measure is required. This way, each of all 10 different accounts will be operating within craigslist’s own guidelines and only posting when craigslist gives the ok. In this way, less adds are added to their database, and each account stays within their guidelines.

“flagged for removal”

The benefits of our craigslist auto posting software having the advanced programming to stay within craigslist’s guidelines can be measured by the number of flags it takes to bring down your posts. The way the other software posts, is by force, with your phone verified account. The problem arises first of all, they are breaching craigslist’s TOU substantially, and using your phone numbers to do it. These phone numbers can be traced back to you quite often. Depending on the amount of “damages” craigslist may decide to claim against you, this could be a problem in court if they choose to pick you as an example. The second main problem is, you just paid for another PVA, and they let their bot over post with it, and let the craigslist spam bot know, your account is powered by a robot.

What does this mean to you? Well, each ad is not created equal. Ads generated by an account with no limitations can take many flags to bring down. Adscraigslist equality generated by flawed accounts that the spam bot has tagged as spammers, have a very low flagging threshold. They can come down with as little as 1 flag, usually 4 flags. And since your ads are down, you need to get clad to post more and more, faster and faster. If you complain to them, or read up on the issue of weak ads in their literature, you will find, they recommend you keep changing your PVA’s to create stronger ads. The whole concept is a vicious cycle, and it has put so much money in their pockets. Do not fall for this type of auto poster software, craigslist will win, and you will just dump your money into PVA’s and maintenance fees.

We have designed our software to be gentle.. with a random variable so it does not attract attention or create a detectable pattern. We have been developing techniques and training individuals how to market on craigslist successfully for years. It’s all we do. You can rest assured than your good name and good PVA will stay that way when you use our software. There are no settings built into our system that will allow you to over post. We designed it to be maintenance free, once you set it, just leave it run day and night, and it takes care of the rest. The only thing you need to be doing is adding another ad to the renewal rotation when you get a spare moment. Since its already logged into each of your accounts, that step is very quick and painless as well, just pause the working bot, post from it, and un-pause it again, and it goes back to the correct page, and continues its cycles where it left off. CraigsPoster is designed based on how craigslist works, not based on how much money we can get from you. We have a one time license fee, not a subscription service.


All other companies dance around the issue of IP’s, and flagging and really don’t mention how to create a strong post. They rely on what you don’t know about craigslist to get your dollars, and offer you band aids for your posting/flagging problems while they stick the knife in your wallet and extract all they can from you. Don’t fall for it. The reason we are here is to help our customers by solving and addressing these problems, not masking them and making your craigslist experience worse than before. You will need to post from the same IP that you created the account with each time to generate strong ads, its as simple as that. If there is no IP solution mentioned on their site, it’s because there is no IP solution for that software.

For serious Craigslisters, we have companion software to go along with our CraigsPoster, but it is not required at all. We have a bundle of our most popular craigslist software called the Trinity Bundle. It includes CraigsPoster, CraigsFlagger, and FoxyRevolver is free.

Additional Craigslist Software Products & Trinity (All-in-one) Bundle

Craigslist Software Products & Trinity (All-in-one) Bundle

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⚡ Requirements: 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10.