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📇 CraigsPoster Last Updated: April 24th, 2019 | Ver. 19.0.4

craigslist posting softwareWe develop Craigslist posting software of all kinds. We have developed this particular Craigslist auto posting software over a number of years. We call it CraigsPoster Pro. Our Craigslist posting software are so easy to use, all that is required for you to get started is to install it, and add your Craigslist username, and password. That’s it.. The robot does the rest for you from then on!

CraigsPoster Pro has its own unique methods of keeping your accounts strong and your posts from being ghosted or otherwise being treated like craigslist spam. Here is how easy it is to use our craigslist reposter: Step 1) enter the details for each account you have (up to 10 different accounts, 50 ads per account are supported at this time). Step 2) Then you set the timers, how long to work, how long to sleep, and a random number of seconds will be chosen to separate the renewals based on the limits you set for that timer. This will help you avoid the pattern recognition spam bots.

craigslist account viewCraigsPoster Pro‘s ingenious design allows you to monitor 10 different craigslist accounts from anywhere in the world, and repost 50 ads in each account endlessly with no proxies or extra software required!

CraigsPoster Pro also has another function, you can pause the bot window that is working in any Craigslist account you programmed into it, and post from it if you like, but you might require a little proxy management to make use of this advanced feature.  Each different account has its own browser window, its own settings and its own executable. Our Craigslist posting software, CraigsPoster Pro, was designed with managing your ads in mind as well so you may post from it also as its renewing your ads if you configure it correctly on a windows system. Just pause the bot, and post, then resume the robot and it continues operating on its own perpetually.

While the CraigsPoster Pro and FoxyRevolver programs are both running, or if CraigsPoster Pro is running on its own, you can pull up any craigsbot, and post from it, put it on pause while you navigate around from your bot window.

Clad genius types of craigslist posting software hold all the ads that you write in their database until such time as it’s going to post it from some random ip address in their pool thus ruining your PVA’s. This is how they rope you into a subscription, you never get the software entirely on your own machine. Our craigslist software keeps your ads where they belong, in craigslist, and our software all on your desktop.

You cannot post the same ad more than once in a 48 hour period or you will get softblocked, and easily flagged. For this reason our craigslist posting software only posts your ads as craigslist allows. If you want to post the same type of ad multiple times, you need to use a new account to do this, which is why we support up to 10 separate accounts!

So, in any craigslist posting system you still need to post your original ad. In any craigslist automatic posting software system you still need PVA’s to post in the services sections. The main difference is, our posting software runs on your desktop, and from your own pre selected proxy every time, and there are no monthly fees from us, it stands alone. You will also not get a softblocked craigslist account for jumping all over different ip’s. So, you can just keep adding ads to craigslist as normal, and let the bot keep renewing them. You still only need to handle your ad once.. just place it in craigslist normally, and craigslist and our CraigsPoster Pro take care of it day and night from then on, and renew it every 48 hours after that.

CraigsPoster Pro comes with a ton of Craigslist Posting tutorials and anti Ghosting tutorials to keep you on the right track, and end Craigslist Ghosting once and for all. Here is a little free advice: an intelligent strategy to employ is to place your new ads at different times a day, this way, you will have ads coming up for renewal at all hours a day from all your accounts. With our software, replacing your ads is easy, all your accounts are always open, and a few clicks gets you the their posting page which you are very familiar with. There is nothing to learn here, set the timers, and enter your details, and that’s it, your bot is configured. When your done your posting for the day from the account your posting from, take that bot off of pause, and allow the software to repost your ads from from then on. This is far more effective than clad genius types of craigslist auto posting software systems, and far cheaper. Not to mention, the PVA’s will not be blown or softblocked because of aggressive over posting or mismatched ip addresses!

craigslist auto poster flow chartOur auto posting methods are completely PVA friendly, we repost from craigslist’s own database, when they allow it, if they allow it. If you accidentally over post, the ad will not come up to be renewed, and there is no harm done. Our automated craigslist software keeps things the way craigslist likes it, and by doing so, it also keeps your ads running, day and night, and your craigslist accounts strong. When someone top posts your ad, just wait 30 minutes.. until they walk away. Then top post them. When they renew their ads themselves manually as they come up for renewal, the same thing will happen, you will renew and top post them, except it will be the bot reposting and auto renewing your ads for you.

FoxyRevolver is not required to run this software effectively, but Craigsposter and FoxyRevolver were designed for each other if you want to manage each of your craigslist accounts specific ip addresses as well for posting the initial ads also. However, you don’t need any IP’s at all to repost to 10 different accounts, 50 ads per account. FoxyRevolver is a Firefox Addon. We found Firefox to be the most stable browser for running uninterrupted robotic functions endlessly. We have left our own Windows testing system on since 2012, day and night, with hardly ever a restart. It’s the best employee we have ever had in fact, it never takes a break! For more information about this amazing proxy management software, you can visit the FoxyRevolver product for the online manual and full description and technical capabilities.

CraigsPoster Pro also comes with our full featured Ghostbusters Membership ~ 30 + pages of Craigslist tutorials. If you also happen to combine CraigsPoster Pro, and CraigsFlagger Pro in our Trinity Bundle, we will throw in FoxyRevolver for free! All of our software is digital, and delivered right away. You may access your products by the navigation menu, under My Downloads at the top of the page when you are logged in.

Our Ghostbusters full Membership is included free with this purchase as well so we can teach you how to avoid issues with ghosting, posting and getting flagged easily. Your registration is automatic.

This is a Windows only product.

*note: We no longer support Windows XP

Craigslist Auto posting Software and programs alert**

Many of you already have or have researched clad genius, and those that don’t have it wish they could afford it. Well.. here is some inside information about those types of craigslist posters.

First, they want a thousand up front for the program!

Second if that wasn’t pricey enough, they want hundreds and hundreds more in “maintenance” every month.

Third, it takes quite a bit of training, days in fact to learn how to use it. So, where does all this clad maintenance money go? In clad genius, you need to have craigslist PVA’s, and you need to write your own ad the first time of course in any system.

You also need to rely on their unreliable proxies to post.. and they can ruin all your good craigslist PVA’s in one day. They don’t tell you this though. That’s the other problem with their posts, they don’t tend to stick very long if they even go live at all because they switch the ip all the time. All of the other bots on the market do not have any built in provisions for you to set which ip you want to use. Your stuck posting from the ip your internet service provider gave you. The way our craigslist auto poster is coded, each of up to 10 different accounts can be assigned it’s very own ip right from the same computer if you need to use more than one account for your above average posting needs.

So, to recap, clad genius, and similar types of craigslist posting systems, anything that cons you into posting to their database, is a genius scheme to get as much money as they can, it’s over complicated, and blows your craigslist phone verified accounts (PVA’s) making them softblocked so you get flagged easily or suffer from the infamous craigslist ghosting. Once they get your thousand bucks, they hook you for maintenance, and waste large amounts of your precious time training to use their obsolete systems.

*Note: Our Craigslist posting software renews ads as they become available for renewal. So, this does not replace flagged ads. Despite the name, this does not auto post, or repost old ads unless ads are in a renewable state. Our methods and renewal function is a replacement system for outdated Craigslist auto posting programs that will cause ghosting since recent Craigslist changes.
Our Craigslist posting software automatically renews current ads in up to 10 accounts at once. Our free included members tutorials can be used to stop Craigslist flagging and ghosting of your ads.

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⚡ Requirements: 🦊 Firefox 42 64-bit or Firefox 42 32-bit & English Microsoft Windows 7,8 & 10.