CraigsPoster Pro Help Page

Using CraigsPoster is pretty easy!

1) Click the icon for the program found on the desktop, and the main bot control panel will open.

2) From the main control panel, double click the “bot” you would like to set up.

3) Add your account name and password by pasting the information into the top left corner of the bot window, do not try to type it, paste it.

4) Set the timers on the bot.

5) Check the box that is labeled “Run CraigsPoster” if the pause button is flashing.

That’s all there is to it!

For those of you that don’t know, craigslist drops persistent cookies on your machine that last for one month. These cookies are replaced each time the robot functions to avoid long term tracking statistics on your accounts and keep you from being ghosted. Some people run several accounts very moderately from the same ip address. This is fine if you keep your posts less than 10 per day, per account and clear your browser cookies between each login. However, if you need to boost your productivity, or if you just want to play it safe, you may require more ip addresses.

This robot has been specifically designed to  function fine with all 10 accounts reposting under any windows system newer than XP as a stand alone robot.

Don’t use Internet Explorer!

CraigsPoster is using certain files and directories that belong to internet explorer. Do not interfere with the robot by using internet explorer while CraigsPoster is running, or you may interrupt its process, and mess up its cookie jar. Use Firefox, or Chrome if you must browse while running CraigsPoster, these will not interfere.


Here is our suggested settings and the reasons behind them:

Settings: We recommend, sleep for 38 minutes, work for 4 minutes, randomize renewals between 4 and 15 seconds.

Tactical logic: With settings such as those mentioned above, the bot will fool your human competition into thinking you have gone from the machine. They will top post you after they think you left, then they will watch for a bit, and leave (go back to work). Then your robot will come back to life 38 minutes later, and post several ads, but not all of them. It goes to sleep after a few minutes, and saves some of your renewals in the event someone top posts you in the next 38 minutes. Adjust to your own needs accordingly.

Foxy Revolver

You do not need to use any proxies, or Foxy Revolver to repost. You can repost with our reposter, from all 10 accounts, all over the world from your own IP thanks to our robots ingenious design. However.. you do need to follow the proper posting procedure when doing the initial posts to begin with. Please visit our posting guides in our members section for further clarification on posting rules.

In Conclusion

Either by it’s self, or used along with the other software we have mentioned, CraigsPoster is the conscientious auto poster that will keep your reputation with craigslist safe, and keep your posts online, and not ghosted. In your free time, you can still log into your craigslist account from anywhere else and add a few posts to the rotation, or edit the ones that are already there. All other posters have ghosting problems and gloss over the little details like cookies and proxies. If they have not mentioned an acceptable method of handling each all important issue, it’s because they haven’t handled it, they have just glossed over it. They gloss all the way to the shopping cart of their website. The ones that clearly state you don’t need free proxies, or that they scrape proxies online are going to ruin your PVA’s, get you ghosted, and cause more problems than they solve.